Multiplier Event

APELE online Workshop at the European Parliament 

Save the date: APELE workshop on March 16, 2022 at 15:00 ( CET). The Members of the European Parliament Chiara Gemma and Brando Benifei present the  APELE project during an online workshop.

During the workshop the partners of the project  will discuss with policy makers and  stakeholders the perspective of realization of paths to access university studies for adults (including migrants) through the recognition of prior and experiential learning.  The debate  will  be focused on sharing the perspectives of realization of these paths in addition to the Erasmus+ funding.

The final program can be downloaded here

How to join the workshop?

Click the link to join the ZOOM at the 15:00 (CET), March 16, 2022

Meeting ID: 817 7550 0133

Passcode: 760352

International Conference in Iceland

The international online Conference “The Role of Universities in Addressing Societal Challenges and Fostering Democracy: Inclusion, Migration, and Education for Citizenship”  took place on March 25-26, 2021.

The public and democratic role of universities has become an increasingly relevant topic in recent years in light of social, political and economic developments, as well as changes in media and communication. At the same time, democratic societies in Europe are paying increasing attention to the mobilities of individuals within and outside the boundaries of their nation-states. While we observe intensified securitization and the rise of anti-immigration sentiment in Europe, civic movements of resistance also flourish across the continent. With this conference, we aim to steer the discourse towards more constructive and rational discussions on migration and higher education in a healthy democracy.

During the event papers have been presented to address these and other conceptual and practical concerns and that develop new critical understandings of the role of universities in fostering democracy and ad-dressing migration and other societal changes; that aim to reach a broader dialogue between university and multicultural society; and that establish discussions on migration and mobilities between diverse communities in academia and the public sector. We therefore welcome papers that open the boundaries of thinking about migration, democracy and the role of universities and include but are not limited to the following themes:

  • Civic responsibility of universities and institutions
  • Normative conceptions of universities and democracy
  • Democracy and educational processes at the university
  • Challenges to the university in contemporary democracies
  • Universities and neoliberalism
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • Universities, knowledge and democracy in a time of rising populism
  • Integration, adult education and immigrants’ acquisition of the host country language
  • Identities and communities
  • Relationships between migrants and their host countries
  • Migration in small states and rural areas
  • Migration and multiculturalism
  • Socio-economic policies
  • Migration and activism
  • Educational practices

Confirmed keynote speaker(s):
• Kristín Loftsdóttir, Professor in Anthropology, Faculty of Sociology, Anthropology and Folkloristics, University of Iceland.
• TBA.

The conference is organized within the frame of the following projects: Inclusive Societies? The integration of Immigrants in Iceland, led by Markus Meckl, vice-lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Migration and Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir; Universities and Democracy: A critical analysis of the civic role and function of universities in a democracy, led by Anna Ólafsdóttir and Sigurður Kristinsson; Lingua+: Innovative host-country language learning through socio-cultural inclusion and empathy, led by Zane Brikovska; REMix: The university as an advocate for responsible education about migration in Europe and APELE: Accreditation of prior experiential learning in European Universities, led by Markus Meckl.

Prior to the conference, a Ph.D. workshop “Conceptualizing integration: social inclusion and exclusion in diverse and multicultural societies” took place on April 1, 2020.

For additional information, please contact Iwona Szelewa,

The Role of Universities…

“The Role of Universities in Addressing Societal Challenges and Fostering Democracy: Inclusion, Migration, and Education for Citizenship” (March 25-26th, 2021)

APELE project has been presented at the international conference organized by the University of Akureyri: The Role of Universities in Addressing Societal Challenges and Fostering Democracy: Inclusion, Migration, and Education for Citizenship” (March 25-26th, 2021).

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