University of Patras

University of Patras (UPAT) is the 3rd biggest university if Greece with 37 departments covering all the fields of science. The Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education (DESECE) was founded in 1983 (as Department of Early Childhood Education), aiming on teaching and research. DESECE is well staffed with teaching and research faculty members and it has approximately 1060 undergraduate, 50 postgraduate and 65 Ph.d. students.

Additionally DESECE offers a Program of Postgraduate Studies with the following four specializations:

1st. Social theory, Policy and Practices in Education (including Intercultural Education and Adults Education)

2nd. Educational Psychology – Special Education

3rd. Language, Art and Culture in Education

4th. Natural Sciences Didactics: Curriculum, Evaluation and ICT in Education.

All members of DESECE have high quality research and teaching abilities in lifelong learning, in pedagogy approach, Intercultural Education e.t.c.

Faculty members come from many and different disciplines, teach and carry out research in a wide spectrum of scientific subjects, building both a coherent and inclusive student scientific and teaching identity within the framework of the Humanitarian and Social Sciences.