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The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training has published on its website the APELE workshop organized by the Italian partners of APELE on March 16 2022 with two Members of the European Parliament, policy makers and the representative of the Italian government.

APELE project at  the Italian XXI National Congress SIO

On 14.01.2022,  the University of Bari presents APELE project at  the Italian XXI National Congress SIO ‘ Orientation on the right side: inclusion, sustainability and social and environmental justice ‘ is hosted at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology (FISPPA)  of the University of Padua (IT).

APELE presentation takes place during the session ‘ Orientamento, Università e Transizione: speaker Prof. Rosa Gallelli and PhD Pasquale Renna.

Organized by the Italian Society for Orientation , the congress aims to foster reflection on the role that orientation should assume in helping to  fight threats, injustices and inequity and seeking inter-disciplinary solutions.

The participants to the congress are:  Laura Nota , president of SIO, University of Padua, Daniela Mapelli , director of Unipd,  Jonas Masdonat i, president of the European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling, Egidio Robusto , director of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology, University of Padua, the interventions of the ministers Mara Carfagna minister for the South and territorial cohesion and Maria Cristina Messa minister of the University and research are foreseen .

The programme of the event with the link to the zoom sessions:

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Talking about APELE Project

Webconference date: on the 15th October 2020

Timing webconference: from 3.00 p.m to 5.15 p.m

Central European Time (Bruxelles GMT)

Talking About Apele Project Erasmus Days Program

The program of the event ‘Talking about APELE Project’

The meeting has been organized on Microsoft Teams Platform, on the 15th of October from 3:00 pm to 5:15 pm.

“APELE Talks” Conference during the #Erasmusdays2020

On 15 October 2020, at the #Erasmusdays2020, the University of Bari organised an online meeting entitled “#Talkingabouterasmus-apeleproject”, to illustrate the results achieved during the first year of the APELE project. The event was organized by the Department of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Communication (FOR. PSI.COM), of the University of Bari “A.Moro”, in collaboration with the partners of the APELE Project Consortium: the Universities of Akureyri (Iceland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Patras (Greece), ARMES (Italy). The event, coordinated by Prof. Rosa Gallelli, scientific representative of the APELE’s University of Bari Team, was attended by UNIBA lecturers: Loredana Perla, Alberto Fornasari (representing the UNIBA Permanent Learning Centre), Alessia Scarinci, Pasquale Renna. As guests, attended the lawyer and assistant professor at the University of Salento Monica McBritton; the director of Caritas Diocesano, Don Vito Piccinonna; representatives of the Italian Language School for Foreign Students “Igino Giordani” from Bari.

During the event, after the greetings from the Director of the FOR Department “PSI.COM” UNIBA, Giuseppe Elia, and by the Magnificent UNIBA Rector, Stefano Bronzini, had a speech also Tommaso Busini, an international expert of EU projects implementation, and Silvio Vacca, in charge in Puglia Region for project activities related tothe target group of the project.

The Scientific Coordinator of the APELE Project, professor of the department of Humanities and Social Studies of the University of Akureyri, Markus Meckl, briefly illustrated the motivations of the APELE project and the main objectives that the working group is pursuing to finalize the final result.

The meeting recorded a very good participation by external users, over the almost three hours of the live web. The main key themes of the project were addressed on: how to face and solve in an innovative way the enhancement of previous experiences (of a non-strictly formative and curricular nature, but – more generally – educational and skills, both professional and non-professional), for the benefit of people who have not completed the cycle of university studies. The APELE project also focus on the formal obstacles and procedural difficulties foreign migrants faces for a rapid legal recognition of titles obtained in their countries of origin.

The APELE project has the ambitious objective of introducing a more effective methodology for the accreditation of previous skills acquired; one of the objectives of the project will be to implement the methodology, on an experimental basis, in the four universities part of the project consortia.

During the meeting, speakers also talked about the innovative experience of the center for continuing training of the University of Bari, a service structured to support foreign people, who arrive in Italy for humanitarian reasons or political persecution, to receive the information useful for possible reintegration into the training and higher education programs offered by the University of Bari.

In the final part of the event, Prof. Mc Britton focused on the issues of integration rights and policies for migrants, with particular attention to the case of Puglia. In closing, the volunteers of the Italian language school for foreigners “Igino Giordani” from Bari presented how this experience was born and developed over time, thanks to which many foreign people were able to learn Italian; a service offered as free of charge or financially supported by the generosity of private citizens and by the Diocesan Caritas of Bari.

ARMES dissemination

On April,22 2012  ARMES Progetti took part to a webinar entitled “The role of universities in the era of migration” organized by the Italian “ Associazione per il Progresso del Paese” .The association  has the statuary aim to to bring back to the center of the public debate  what to do to plan the future of the Italian country.  Participants to the webinar were :  Professor Elsa Fornero, former Italian Minister of Labour and professor emeritus of Economics at the University of Turin, Professor Giovanni Carlo Bruno of the CNR _IRSS in Naples and Monica Amari, President of Armes Progetti. The webinar  was  an important occasion to present the APELE project to  the exponents of the Italian economic world including Alfredo Ambrosetti, Giorgio Basile -Isagro-, Riccardo Illy, Andrea Ritattore Vonwiller. The total number of attendees was: 55

ARMES dissemination image

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