ARMES dissemination

On April,22 2012  ARMES Progetti took part to a webinar entitled “The role of universities in the era of migration” organized by the Italian “ Associazione per il Progresso del Paese” .The association  has the statuary aim to to bring back to the center of the public debate  what to do to plan the future of the Italian country.  Participants to the webinar were :  Professor Elsa Fornero, former Italian Minister of Labour and professor emeritus of Economics at the University of Turin, Professor Giovanni Carlo Bruno of the CNR _IRSS in Naples and Monica Amari, President of Armes Progetti. The webinar  was  an important occasion to present the APELE project to  the exponents of the Italian economic world including Alfredo Ambrosetti, Giorgio Basile -Isagro-, Riccardo Illy, Andrea Ritattore Vonwiller. The total number of attendees was: 55

ARMES dissemination image